Every One For Themself

Empathy is, to some degree, a conditioned behavior. Humans are more inclined to empathize with those who present themselves in similar ways, and we make this easier for each other through the clothes that we wear. Nudity strips the viewer's ability to make judgments based on the social cues clothing presents. The uniformity of nudity in this project highlights each person's individuality. The subtleties of their bodies, body language, and gaze are emphasized. Individuality is based on the ways that someone is different from each and everyone else. The differences in the organic and natural forms of our bodies guide our perception of ourselves, each other, and the natural world. 


Youth Will Not Be Wasted

As young people trying to forge a path in order to realize an emotionally and financially satisfying lifestyle, we desperately seek guidance, from our parents and teachers, but most often from our peers who are at the same time desperately searching for answers. The result of this paradox is an entirely trial-and-error way of life. These photographs empathetically explore this lifestyle, its successes, failures, and absurdities. My presence, my own transient interests, desires and anxieties are alive in the photos in relation to those of the subjects. The lives of the subjects are un-extraordinary, but they too have volatile desires and anxieties. All we truly have are our relationships to each other and our environment; our emotions lie between good and bad, interest and boredom, desire and anxiety.